Preview: Bunbury Music Festival 2019

Nestled right next to downtown, the Cincinnati skyline delivers a gorgeous urban background for this exceptional festival which has made me proud of this expanding music scene in Cincinnati over the last couple of decades. Does the cityscape play to the great thing about the place, but it’s seated directly across the banks of the Ohio River, giving the festival a little bit of character.

Bunbury Music Festival 2019

Being my home is less than fifteen minutes in the event, this festival has always been among my favorites to wait for many reasons, mainly because I get to sleep in my bed in the end of the evening!

The festival is set to take place from May 30-June 1 this season, and also a lineup as varied as this season, expect a massive audience. In earlier times the event has sold out equally entire weekend passes and daily passes, so we invite you to get your tickets today.

The event will comprise two big main phases, along with one smaller point in Addition to an acoustic point.

Cincinnati, being this enthusiastic craft beer town, is home to numerous breweries both large and small which will install at the Braxton Brewery Craft Beer Village, in addition to some non-local breweries.

Attendees are invited to get the Bunbury program so you are able to add your favorite artists to your lineup, browse through the FAQ’s, and prepare for an superb weekend of audio.

This festival lineup is filled with discoverable artists which you haven’t heard of, big-name acts you have heard on the radio, and also hundreds of talented bands that have complete professions of strikes to preform. To get prepared for the challenge of producing your very own daily program, we have chosen several artists to look out for the weekend. In addition, we invite you to dig into each the artist catalogs by yourself before Bunbury, therefore whenever the festival arrives, you know who matches your preference.

Bunbury Music Festival 2019 Lineup

Grateful Internet’s Bunbury 2019 Artist Picks:

Jukebox the Ghost- These men make great conventional upbeat, dancy pop songs. Their music makes me think about the early 2000’s iPod firm, along with the significant use of piano in their own sound mixes styles like Ben Folds and Supertramp. Based from Washington D.C., they’re playing with new songs from their fifth studio record, Off to the Races, published in 2018.

Clutch- All These thick motorcycle rockers possess an extremely strong lead vocalist. Any group that’s been together always since 1991 surely is doing something right. Featuring Insane guitar solos along with a bunch filled with headbanging fans, these men are fantastic for old and new rockers alike. Their fast growing fanbase called”The Flock” is really a testament to how infectious their songs could be. With sweeping guitar solos, strong grooving basslines, an outrageous frontman, and a drummer who holds it all together, Pigeons will possess you cooing to an encore!

Run the Jewels- Even though they’re by no way an underdog with this lineup, hip hop superstars Run the Jewels have obtained the rap video game by storm. Their smart lyrical wordplay makes them stick out among the others in the genre.

Greta Van Fleet- I am not going to lie, this is most likely the series I’m most looking forward to this season. These young rockers are bringing back the times of bizarre gaudy rockstars and epically composed rock anthems in a means which is reminiscent of the”good ole times” that none of these were around to recall. Do not let this announcement worry you; they’ve researched a number of the most important rock bands ever to make themselves a Grammy for Best Rock Album this season.

Streetlight Manifesto- Can there be some greater experience than listening into some ska group whilst spilling a beer and moshing around with friends and family in the summertime? Well, if you like ska songs which probably sounds pretty pleasant. Either way that’s what you will probably be doing in the event that you end up in Streetlight Manifesto’s series during Bunbury this past year.